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Digital Pen-A




Digital Semi-Permanent Make-up & Micro Needle Puncture Machine


Digital Pen A

Tri M and Digital Revo






Digital Pen-A vs Competitor’s Machine



Digital Pen-ACompetitor's Machine

Perpendicular movement results in fine design and consistent pattern

Inconsistency of motor results in diagonal holes and pattern
It enables fast recovery by causing far less pain and bleedingIt causes late recovery by causing far more pain and bleeding
Ergonomically designed and convenient to operateStraight and thick design makes it inconvenient to grab and operate
Less noise and vibrationA lot of noise and vibration
Precise and delicate operation possibleHard to concentrate on operation
Constant movementDiscontinuous work leaving a scar
Needle cartridge and hand-piece are separatedNeedle tip, cap, and hand-piece are not separated
Ink and blood do not remain or flow back into hand-piece, even when you hold hand-piece upside downBlood and solution sometimes remain inside and flow back into hand-piece
Disposable Needle (It becomes loose and produces noise when reuse)Needle Replacement (Replacing separated needle and cleaning inside increase the possibility of infection)
Safe to use, no ijuries caused during operationHigh possibility of getting pinched by a needle
Pine needle shapeSharp shape or double manufacturing shape
Acupunture needle reduces painNormal needle causes pain