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MFCU (Macro Focused Circular Ultrasound) Technology


The industry’s first circular design of the body cartridge is equipped with MFCU technology. MFCU enables ease of accessibility to cover wider areas of treatment, providing equal and precise distribution of ultrasound energy to the targeted region. The customized design of the 2 MHz transducer conducts perpetual rotation within the hand-piece, resulting in extensive projection of ultrasound energy deep into the subcutaneous fat layers. Delivering convenience to end users, this technology is a highly preferred solution by patients and physicians, boasting a reduction in pain and treatment time.


 MFU (Micro Focused Ultrasound)

Ulfit Micro Focused Ultrasound


 MFCU (Macro Focused Circular Ultrasound) 

Ulfit Macro Focused Circular Ultrasound




Precision & Speed Rapid Results



Maximizing treatment results with exchangeable cartridges, the face is applicable for treatment with three different depths to target the various hard to access regions. Additionally, the MFCU technology equipped body cartridge targets the subcutaneous fat layer to selectively remove fat cells for an effective contouring solution. 


Face Contouring


Ulfit Face Contouring


Application for Face


Ulfit Face Application



Body Contouring


Ulfit Body Contouring


Application for Body


Ulfit Body Application




Before and After


Ulfit Before After