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Frezee On Fat Off

Clatuu Alpha Machine


  • Body sculpting device based on Cryolipolysis
  • Various Applicators for Any Spot
  • Applicators Optimized for Any Treatment 
  • Fast and Easy Applicator Exchange
  • Any Treatment Area at Any Angle
  • Upgraded 360° Surround Cooling
  • AI Applicator
  • Safety and efficacy





Mechanism of  Freeze On Fat Off


Mechanism of Freeze on Fat off



Where Does The Fat Cell Go?





Various Applicators for Any Spot


The CLATUU Alpha’s wide range of cooling cups are designed to perfection within our R&D labs and are suitable to conform to a large variety of body shapes and patients. Each individual cup helps to achieve a variety of customized treatment plans to effectively reduce fat cells for the ultimate body contouring experience.


Clatuu Alpha Cooling Cups



Expandable Range of Applicators for All Needs

The CLATUU Alpha cooling cup range will continuously expand and deliver based on the needs of the market. The technology of the CLATUU Alpha allows physicians to easily make additions to their treatment regimens.




Applicators Optimized for Any Treatment


After laborious testing and research, each individual cooling cup has been ergonomically designed to adhere to each curve of the body. The CLATUU Alpha has been optimized to achieve desired outcomes from head to toe.


Clatuu Alpha Treatment for Body




Clatuu Alpha Treatment


Clatuu Alpha Treatment



Before and After


Clatuu Alpha Before After