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Q-Switched & Long-Pulsed Nd:YAG Laser


Fineabeam Dual Machine


Finebeam is a more advanced Nd:YAG laser system based on quality pulse technology. There are 2 different functional modes such as q-switched and long-pulsed. It presents the optimal solution for versatile indications in face and body.


All in One System

  • Dual Q-Switched & Long-Pulsed function
  • Dual wavelength: 1064nm and 532nm
  • Complementary effect
  • Convenient & economical treatment for all area on face and body



More Uniform Beam

  • High Durability
  • More Stable Laser Emission
  • Dual Chamber System
  • Higher Peak Power
  • Flat Top Hat Beam Profile for More Precise Beam Pattern

It makes uniform beam quality as flat top profile with maximum 10mm beam size into the skin. Fractional handpiece deliveries very small spot size for less downtime. It is why various laser treatments with finebeam give much better effects than others.


Longer Lasting System

  • MLA Handpiece is same with PICO Laser Handpiece
  • Fractional DOE Handpiece deliveries 81 shots in 5x5mm2
  • Collimator Handpiece gives beam size as max. 8mm
  • Zoom Handpiece deliveries maximum 10mm for 1064nm & 7mm spot size for 532nm wavelength
  • DYE Handpiece convert origin wavelength to 585nm & 650 for green & sky blue tattoo removal

One Device for Many Indications


PDP Mode

Our PDP maximum energy 2.2J is much higher than other brands. Therefore it is capable of treating the pigment located in deep dermis with high energy. It also confirms exceptional good effect on dermal melasma and tattoo removal with less pain. 

MLA Handpiece

Less Painful & Lower Side Effect Fractional Care

The Laser-induced Optical Breakdown (LIOB) with MLA, effect creates a fine bubble deep into the dermis layer without injury on the skin surface, leading to skin regeneration in the dermis layer. It only damaging the dermis, not the epidermis. Finebeam MLA Handpiece equipped with 120 Micro Lenses, it makes Laser-induced Optical Breakdown (LIOB). MLA treatment creates plasma and cavitation effect in dermis, it leads to dermal layer remodelling by damaging the dermis only protecting the epidermis.

Scar Dermal Pigmentation - MLA

To improve scar, it is required to disrupt the tissue first, so as the way for subcision is normally conducted to disrupt the tissue what pull it to down. A subcision is very helpful to make scar is move upward. MLA can be expected to have the same effect with the strong energy focusing on scar to make enough space by disrupting the tissue in dermis 

Machine Specification


Clinical Case