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DermaShine Pro


Dermashine Pro Machine
What’s DermaShine® Pro?

The DermaShine® Pro is an innovative a digital infusion system designed to inject drugs into the patient's face and other areas. It enables precise dosing and uniform injection with a software controlled system. The applied vacuum triggering technology helps user easily perform a treatment and enables to reduce treatment time with a 32G-9 needle cartridge that permits multiple site injection. These features allow safe and effective treatment and maximize patient’s satisfaction.


Key Features of DermaShine® Pro

  • Safe and Effective Drug Delivery System
  • User-friendly Design for Convenient Use
  • Maximization of Patient Satisfaction
  • Designed to Minimize Patient's Pain and Recovery Time



  • Electric Rating : AC 100 - 240 V, 50 - 60Hz, 90 VA
  • Vacuum Pressure : Min. 200 - 350 mmHg / Max. 650 mmHg
  • Dimension : Main Unit (350 x 260 x 125 mm), Handpiece (33,2 x 204,8 x 52,2 mm)
  • Weight : Main Unit (2,3 kg)






Main Body

  • Digital Infusion System
  • Stand (Option)

  •  9 Pin Screw Multi Needle

Dermashine Pro 9 Pin Screw Multi Needle (Side)  Dermashine Pro 9 Pin Scre Multi Needle (Isometric)



  • Adaptor
  • Power Cord
  • Foot Switch
  • Handpiece and Injectior

Dermashine Pro Handpiece Injector




Treatment Mechanism


Dermashine Pro Treatment Mechanism

Faster and more effective treatment with a vacuum triggering system and multi needle cartridge. The system makes skin slightly lifted and contacted the tip of applied needle cartridge securely to initiate the drug injection. The drug and/or medical device products are precisely injected as much as required by the embedded software control system at the multiple site of desired area.




Before & After

Before & After Dermashine Pro