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Effective Solution for Narrow Ridge & Small Anterior Teeth


MiNi Products


Key Advantages:


  • Excellent 2-piece solution for maxillary lateral incisors & mandible anterior
  • Easy-to-use, intuitive surgical procedure
  • Excellent esthetics




MiNi™, but mighty


In comparative tests, MiNi™ Ø3.0 showed similar compressive strength, while MiNi™ Ø3.25 showed much higher wall strength.


MiNi but Mighty




Fixture Lineup

Two-piece Type


MiNi Two Piece Type



KnifeThread ®


Special thread design & super self-tapping create better initial stability in any compromised bone situation.

This distinctive design enables bone condensing, gentle ridge expansion, maximized compressive force resistance, & minimized shear force production.¹


MiNi Knifethread



Xpeed MiNi






  • Do not use torque wrench
  • Max uniform strength of hex is 50Ncm
  • Do not exceed 75Ncm





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